A college project done for Westwood College Online. The class was Character Animation for Games. This was my final, and it turned out pretty good. It isn't 100% perfect, but it's really good for my first professional attempt. It's a scene from Spaceballs where Micheal Winslow makes his trademark voice effects. I hope you all enjoy it.

 Final of my project for my Game Art Project class. It's a simulation of gameplay made in 3DS Max. The game is a tower defense game where zombies are the enemies and the defenders are people with guns. This was done in about 9 weeks, which is the length of the class at Westwood College Online.

 Made using 3DS Max and After Effects. Small story, but the main focus was the special effects, i.e. waterfall, blizzard, laser, comet, and explosion.

 3D Plein Air building animation as part of a fund raiser to get it built in MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA. Made moslty using Carrara, parts were made in Blender, models were from Poser, rendered in Carrara.