“Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality.”- Jules de Gaultier

Readers will be astonished to find out how the cutting edge of technology can potentially cause a great amount of havoc when placed in the wrong hands. Spellbinding, fresh and invigorating, The Imaginarium Machine symbolically attests to the inevitable truth – that with great power comes great responsibility. It is 2030 and video games have reached the point where graphics and innovation are at their peak. At E3, Sony reveals their next generation gaming console, the Imaginarium Machine. With this technological devise one can have access to a lucid virtual world whilst maintaining the ability to control his physical, conscious reality. In doing so, it breaks all boundaries with regard to one’s senses. One can now feel the wind, smell the flowers and taste the bread in the other dimension whilst still being in touch with his external world. All the possibilities are endless.

Nonetheless, like the mythical story of Prometheus who handed the torch to mankind, such highly-developed and sophisticated piece of hardware comes at a huge price.

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Five years have passed since the world was brainwashed by the Imaginarium Machine. It’s a video game console that lets you play in your mind instead of the television which opens the possibility of all five senses to be used. Mike Thompson is an FBI agent that is trying to save his family from the clutches of the man responsible, Kevin Young. Along with his partner Becks, Mike sets off to capture or kill Kevin only to find that they walked into a trap. Kevin let them loose to let the world torture them into submission, but Mike still has hope that he can save his family and the world.

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